Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is is a online Social Exchange System in which we will use your tokens to send likes to other users and as same other users tokens will be used to send you likes.

  2. Why do you made

    Facebook likes is necessary for everyone, After reviewing hundreds of requests for query "How to get facebook likes?" we made

  3. When was started?

    We are online since early 2014 and in begining our name was "F8 Autolikers" but in 2015 we shifted our services to new name called

  4. Do i need to wait after submitting my photo link?

    No, Our site sends you instant likes after you one submit your link.

  5. What Is Special Here?

    We have one special feature called "FULL LINK SUBMIT", means after you get logged in to you can easily copy your facebook photo/status link and submit on to get likes.

We will have more features available soon!


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